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Broglia Gavi di Gavi La Meirana | Half Bottle

The Broglia La Meirana Gavi di Gavi is 100% Cortese and the most representative wine of the company, so it is no coincidence that it bears the name of the estate on the label. All the grapes are sourced from the municipality of Gavi and once at the Broglia cellar they are left to mature for six months in steel on their lees, in order to keep the fresh and fruity aromas intact. The elegant aromas display floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley, fruity tones of pear, pineapple and apricot, and nuances of laurel and ginger. The palate is full-bodied, fresh with a pleasant almond-like finish.


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White Wine
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Natural Cork
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The Producer Broglia | Piemonte

Broglia Estate in Gavi, Italy

La Meirana is the name of the Broglia family estate, established by Bruno Broglia and managed today by his sons, Gian Piero and Paolo, who continue the winery’s long standing traditions. With a winemaking history that dates back over a thousand years, the...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Cortese

Organic vineyard with healthy grass and crop cover

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