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Domaine Rolly Gassmann Riesling 'Cuvée Yves' Vendanges Tardives 2010

The Domaine Rolly Gassmann Riesling de Rorschwihr 'Cuvée Yves' Vendanges Tardives is sourced from select parcels of vines grown in the commune of Rorschwihr. All 21 different types of limestone known in the world can be found in the soils of this village, and the sub-soil there is similarly diverse. These soils, and the particular climate of the sites were discovered by the monks who first made wine here over 400 years ago, and today some of their methods are still used. Vineyard activity is carried out based on the position of the moon and stars, with grape maturity and picking determined by the ripeness of the pips, as well as the skins. Organic and biodynamic practices are used to manage the vineyards, although they are not certified. The grapes for this wine were harvested late (October) allowing for greater accumulation of sugars and flavour intensity. In the cellar fermentation lasted for around six months, then it rested on its lees until June before a further 11 months ageing prior to being bottled. The Gassmann Riesling Cuvée Yves Vendanges Tardives displays intense aromas of ripe yellow fruits, floral and citrus notes. The ripe fruit aromas meld with pastry, candied orange, honey and botrytis notes. The palate is smooth and complex with ripe apricot, hazelnut and Mirabelle plums, all lifted by delicate but incisive acidity.

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Domaine Rolly Gassmann
Sub Region:
Alsace AOC
White Wine
Primary Grape(s):
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Natural Cork
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