Gaia Wines Vinsanto by Gaia 8 Years Old NV

Vinsanto by Gaia 8 Years Old is quite simply one of the world’s rarest and best sweet wines. It's like a chocolate-based dessert, coffee and a cigar all in one. Predominately based on the Assyrtiko grape, the blend also includes a small proportion of Aidini, a variety native to Santorini, which imparts delicate floral aromas and a rounded texture. There is also a small proportion of Athiri, an ancient white grape variety of the Aegean Sea, used for centuries to make excellent dry white wines which imbues wines with delicate citrus flavours. A quantity of grapes are sun dried in the strong Santorini summer sun while others are dried in the shade, to maintain relative fruit freshness. After about ten days in the sun, in which time the grapes will be sufficiently dehydrated, they are exhaustively pressed for many hours until they render the last drop of their highly concentrated and aromatic must. It is estimated that the yield is no more than 80 - 100 litres of must for each acre of vineyard! Afterwards, the must is placed in aged oak barrels where, very slowly, the alcoholic fermentation process begins. This fermentation, under the influence of many sugars and the alcohol produced, will eventually come to halt on its own, which results in the creation of a naturally sweet wine. The Vinsanto by Gaia continues to age inside the same fermentation barrels, for at least 10 years, and through the passing of the seasons acquires both its deep honey colour and complex aromatic character. At exactly the right time, Vinsanto by Gaia is simply bottled without any treatment or filtration. Deliciously sweet but balanced by the refreshing backbone of Assyrtiko, this is an aromatic explosion of dried fig, raisin, coffee, caramel, vanilla and cinnamon enveloping a beautifully textured palate full of flavour.

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