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Spain | Galicia & Atlantic Coast

This region of Spain, exposed to the northern Atlantic, can be cold, wet, and green and is often referred to as 'España Verde' or ‘Green Spain’. The wine region stretches from Galicia on Spain’s northwest coast to a portion of northern Spain that includes the Txakoli DOs of the Basque Country. The regions of Ribeiro (DO), Ribeira Sacra (DO), and Valdeorras (DO) enjoy pockets of protection from the cool, sometimes cold, and often wet coastal influences.

Green Spain’s cool and misty climate dictates that wine producers focus on earlier-ripening grapes, especially white varieties. It is the aromatic grape varieties that prosper, with Albariño one of the most successful in international markets. Grown along the coast, or along the rivers that give Rias Baixas (‘lower fjords’) its name, Albariño is the dominant white grape variety producing styles that can vary from crisp and tangy to round and peachy.

As you move inland there are other white grape varieties that fill the vineyards; the rich and complex Godello grape rules in Valdeorras (the “valley of gold”, reflecting Rome’s interest in the place 2000 years ago). Godello, Treixadura and other varieties are grown in the regions of Monterrei and the picturesque DOs of Ribeiro and Ribeira Sacra.

Away from the coast temperatures rise and so red grape varieties are planted; the Mencia grape is arguably northwest Spain’s best red variety producing lip-smacking wines packed with raspberry tones and floral aromas.

Green Spain’s vineyards extend all the way to Basque Country, often backing into the Pyrenees or the Sierra Cantábrica, sheltering more famous wine regions such as Rioja.


Adegas Valmiñor Serra da Estrela Albariño

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A white of intense minerality and zesty apricot and citrus characters... Read More...

Lagar de Cervera Albariño 2021

From £15.00 - per bottle
A deliciously refreshing and lively Albariño perfect as an apéritif or with seafood... Read More...

Adegas Galegas Pazo la Maza Albariño 2021

From £14.50 - per bottle
A lively and refreshing style of Albariño, combining delicate orchard fruits and citrus fragrances... Read More...

Martín Códax Albariño

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A clean, fresh, classic Albariño from Rías Baixas that is juicy & mouthwatering... Read More...

Raúl Pérez Ultreia Godello 2020

From £22.50 - per bottle
For a Spaniard, Godello may be the closest thing you can get to Burgundy... Read More...

Adegas Galegas Albariño Veigadares 2019

From £19.00 - per bottle
Fermented & aged in oak this is an intense & elegant award winning Albariño... Read More...

Telmo Rodríguez Gaba do Xil Godello 2019

From £16.00 - per bottle
Telmo Rodríguez's Gaba do Xil Godello offers an update on this increasingly popular... Read More...

Rafael Palacios 'Louro do Bolo' Godello 2021

A blindingly delicious complex & textural white wine made from the indigenous Godello grape... Read More...

Telmo Rodríguez Gaba do Xil Mencía 2019

From £15.75 - per bottle
A wonderful expression of the Mencía grape by the talented Telmo Rodríguez... Read More...

Adegas Valmiñor Minius Godello 2020

From £14.50 - per bottle
The purity and elegance shows why Gallego winemakers are so determined to rescue the Godello grape... Read More...

Belarmino O Mouro Mencía

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A bright, juicy and delicate expression of the local Mencía grape... Read More...

Adegas Galegas Andaina Godello 2020

From £12.50 - per bottle
A refreshing white wine made from the increasingly popular and aromatic Godello grape... Read More...