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Ferreira Vinas Velhas Vintage Port 2016

Ferreira's Vintage Ports are unique, the ultimate embodiment of superior quality Port. Vintage The Vinha Velhas 2016 marks the first launch of a Vintage Ferreira produced with carefully selected grapes from old vines, most notably of the beautiful Quinta do Porto, where Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira lived for a time. The Vinas Velhas is the first-ever Port sourced from these old vineyards, giving it a unique and exceptional character. Ferreira Vintage Vinhas Velhas 2016 has a dark, almost impenetrable red colour and an aroma of excellent complexity and intensity. It has balsamic notes of resin and tobacco box, floral tones of rockrose and spicy notes, such as black pepper and clove. It has further hints of menthol, mineral nuances and a little cocoa: the result of an excellent maturation. On the palate, this wine is dense with a vibrant acidity conferring an excellent balance. It has firm and robust tannins of great quality and additional notes of green tea, rockrose and basil; its finish is extremely long, elegant and complex.

Although this wine can be consumed immediately, it will gain growing complexity from extended aging in the bottle - reaching its peak after around 15 years and enjoying a lifespan of roughly 20-25 years.


Wine File
Porto & Douro
Sub Region:
Fortified Wine
Primary Grape(s):
Touriga Nacional , Other Varieties
Bottle Size:
Contains Sulphites:
Units Per Bottle:

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